Our Journey

To him I would be known as “thee” lady who walked into Dube church wearing cream white with a matching doek, to me he was a brother I would greet at church and who would come to Wits with our chaplain. We look back and can’t believe that God started this journey 10 years ago.


Chapter 1

We ran into each other months after our brief interactions at Dube and I had swept him off his feet. This particular time around, I surprisingly quoted the same statement (from COL) that he had planned to include in his sermon. In another occasion, where he had come to be an observer in a nominating committee meeting, he tried to have a chat with me… I could sense that he wanted to say something that I did not want to hear, so I made sure I cut the conversation short.


Chapter 2

He tried to get my number from many other people, I have laughed many a times when he relates how he went to a particular church where he had last seen me after I left Wits. He even went as far as taking a picture of me and enlisting his sister to search for the lady who was wearing cream white and a matching doek.


Chapter 3

In the not so distant past, our paths crossed again most profoundly when I was visiting a church where he happened to worship (unbeknownst to me). We had such a great interaction that day, which made him change his plans for the following Sabbath to tag along to where I had to worship and we have been talking ever since…


Chapter 4

It would take another year with much prayer, ministry, precious time, friendship and travelling of provinces – before there was light at the end of the tunnel 🙂



One thing is sure: Our journey has been a series of answered prayers, fitted puzzle pieces with God’s providential leadings giving us the confidence that this is the right step… And we couldn’t be happier!